Perkoz at WAGAC 2011

This summer, July, 26th to August, 7th, in Torun, Poland, 2nd FAI World Advanced & 14th Glider Aerobatic Championships took place. The pilots weren't discouraged by unfavourable weather conditions.

Among the gliders (mainly Swift S-1 and MDM-1 Fox) was SZD-54 Perkoz flown by Denis Hartmann, aeronautics engineer and experienced aerobatics pilot with years of experience, who has trained, among others Erik Piriou, bronze medal winner in Torun. SZD-54 Perkoz was the only two-seater glider, which wasn't created strictly for aerobatics. Hartmann managed to defeat many pilots flying agile Fox or Swift however it was difficult to fit in the box.

Denis Hartmann in SZD 54-2 PERKOZ