Johan Gustafsson and SZD-59 Acro

In the August issue of the Italian magazine "Volo sportivo" an article about a young world champion aerobatic glider pilot, Johan Gustafsson,  was published.

Johan Gustafsson and SZD-59 Acro • photo H_kan Brandt

Gustafsson his adventure with the aviation began as a child, accompanying his father on flights. At the age of 15 (as an exception to the requirement of completion of 16 years) he was admitted to the pilot training course, and soon after finishing it – on a basic course in aerobatics. 2009 was a year of his debut in aerobatics, while the years 2010 and 2014 earned him the title of world champion.

Although Gustafsson is a licensed airplane pilot, he emphasizes satisfaction that he derives from a glider flight. Johan appreciates the technical characteristics of SZD-59 Acro, allowing both for training and high aerobatic competition, as well as on soaring. With additional, removable tips with winglets and tank with capacity of 150 liters of water, SZD-59 Acro is a universal glider, that could easily compete with others in its category.

With an undeniable talent and a great glider Johan Gustafsson creates impressive aerobatic performances. The sequence of figures such as loop, snap roll, spin or tailslide, highlighted by red smoke is for sure a long memorable show.