Replacement for the Blanik?

One of the most popular two-seater gliders used for training all over the world is (or used to be, to be exact) a Czech made L-13 Blanik. Unfortunately it was suspended by EASA because of cracks in the wings, so in many clubs the basic training equipment remains grounded. The future of the Blanik is uncertain, however aero clubs and soaring schools are urgently looking for available two-seaters. Their first choice is to search for a secondhand glider but the price is comparable with the cost of possible renovation of the Blanik. Moreover, nobody wants to get rid of a two-seater even if it’s not used.

Several producers offer brand new two-seaters but most of them are either pretty old designs (e.g. ASK-21 or SZD-50-3 Puchacz) or not very popular, as PW-6. The new two-seater SZD-54-2 is a reasonable choice in this category. Its properties and performance are suitable for basic training, advanced training and aerobatic flights, in contrast to the Blanik, possible even in the two person crew. Research process of SZD-54-2 has been completed and the certification process is in progress. The Perkoz meets the requirements of the provisions of CS-22, including resistance to collision with an obstacle and a reinforced chassis.

Andrzej Papiorek, Wytwórnia Konstrukcji Kompozytowych Andrzej Papiorek

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