Perkoz in Hayingen

At the beginning of October 2013, a new great opportunity to promote SZD-54-2 Perkoz emerged. At the invitation of LSV Hayingen, the German flying club operating in one of the most spectacular airfield in the region of Swabian Jura, we moved our glider there for a whole week. This time we took part in a training camp of advanced aerobatic organized under supervision of Udo Markert – a well-known German aerobatic pilot and flight instructor.

Hayingen airfield is located at the top of a hill, over 700 m above the sea level. A narrow but long grass strip allows to land in direction opposite to the take-off. Even though the airfield does not have an ICAO code it's a very popular place for gliding. 

German colleagues willingly chose SZD-54 Perkoz to practice inverted flight. Legendary pilot Uli Schwenk called Perkoz "a dream for every club." 

Alps on the South-East in the distance of about 100 km were noticeable while towing over the clouds and inversion level. Fresh air, unspoiled nature, great landscape and friendly people are the good reasons to visit Swabian Jura again.

Briefing before flights
Gliders at Hayingen airfield. Infrastructure of the club in the background
Perkoz landing. Photo by Thomas Brückelt
Many of the glider pilots are also modelmakers
On tow with Piper Cub
Open canopy Lunak is still flying inverted aerobatic
SZD-Acro with German registration
Thomas Brückelt as a safety pilot Uli Schwenk and Udo Markert after the flight